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Hey, I'm Théa...

Personal trainer, running coach and founder of 'Fit Well Move' based in Bristol, UK.  With 20 years of coaching experience having grown up as an elite gymnast, coaching the sport from a young age and later moving on to compete in athletics, I'm now an avid runner and passionate about teaching others how strength & mobility training can significantly improve mental and physical health.  My personal fitness ventures are based on having fun and using my strength to continue trying out activities I love. Physical strength gives me confidence and trail running is my meditation.  I work with clients to keep the fun in their lives too.  We build strength, fitness and confidence by implementing strategies that are simple, manageable and work around your busy life.  A huge part of how we work is to understand your physiology, life stage and reduce stress to allow you to keep moving well at any age.


Background in gymnastics:

As young gymnasts we’re taught to move very well and efficiently.  We’re trained to be strong – physically and mentally, work under pressure, face great heights and fears of falling.  We fall many times and get back up again.  We’re disciplined, focused and extremely dedicated.

Gymnastics gave me endless goals to achieve, where determination, focus and the practice necessary to succeed in such a versatile sport, taught me to apply these skills to any challenge I take on in life.

At 26, I turned my sporting, coaching and teaching (arts/language/creative subjects) experience to personal training and running coaching which proved to be the perfect combo.  'Fit Well Move' is dedicated to helping women realise the potential of their bodies. 


Clear movement guidance, psychological strategies and the scientific 'why' to what we do, will help you move and regain strength without having to spend hours in a gym.  You will 'train smart' and become ready and able to jump into any activity, age well, live youthfully and ultimately have more fun!  This is the philosophy I love teaching. 


Varied sporting experience:

My experience includes coaching gymnastics and field sports in the UK and USA, delivering strength & conditioning programmes and stretching courses to high performance athletes at Bristol UWE. I've coached amateur runners to their first London marathons amongst other events of varying distances. I coach 70+ England hockey player and women whose main goal is to improve mental health. 

Get fit for fun!

Despite my sporting background, confidence and 'get up and go' never came naturally to me. The structure and discipline of British Gymnastics was a godsend in my childhood that left me feeling strong and helped me to achieve in other areas of life. Time and time again, I’m reminded of the positive effects exercise has on my own physical and psychological well being and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing.


 A personal training accreditation is a basic course and only the beginning. Since completion 10 years ago, I've continued to expand on this knowledge daily and keep up to date with sport and exercise science.  Now with a decade of working with women and understanding how individual training needs of women are different to mens, I continue to help others.   Certifications in training women and menopause for athletes along with compassion with personal struggles, all contribute to how I as your coach will help you achieve.

I will share my experiences and enthusiasm to teach you to realise the potential of your own body and to encourage a happier, healthier lifestyle.   With the right science backed training programme, determination, accountability and support, you will regain your body confidence and feel strong in all areas of your life as well as being an awesome role model for the next generation of women.

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