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Online plans / plans with 1-2-1 personal training 

Hit the ground running:

You’re already into your running or just getting started again.  You want to improve your personal best, compete in exciting races or simply go at it for fun and improved fitness.  You’ll learn to explore the beautiful and great outdoors, become confident and adventurous with your running, reduce fatigue and stay injury-free.

Run for your life:

You want to transform your body and maintain a healthy weight by understanding how running in the correct zones and incorporating sufficient rest will help you get to where you want to be.


Run in sync:

Training with your menstrual cycle in mind can be a game changer.  Although anything is possible at any stage of your cycle, understanding your physiology can really help to make life easier in this busy, demanding world and allow you to maximise the good days while keeping you feeling on top of things all the time. 


Moving into menopause:  

Slowing down? feeling heavier? and can’t understand why your training isn’t working in the same way it used to?  Learn what’s going on and how we can fix it. 

Your strength & conditioning journey along with a personal, periodised plan will take you to the start line or simply help you with the 'get up & go' while feeling mentally and physically awesome. 


Training options:

One to one (in person coaching )

Online only coaching

One to one coaching & event/training plan blend


  • Receive a video analysis of your running technique, explanation of potential corrections to be made and how the programme will improve each stage of running movement

  • Learn ‘how it feels’ when putting the the various components of your training plan into action

  • Learn how to train smart and avoid fatigue

  • Avoid/rehabilitate niggles

  • Understand the basic biomechanics of running

  • Learn how to replicate the movements of running on the gym floor and train every muscle specifically for running

  • Improve core strength for performance

  • Learn effective stretches and mobility exercises

  • Gain fueling & hydration strategies

  • Suggestions for upcoming sporting events to show off your progress!

Women's Race


You'll beat your personal best and have a plan to follow based on your current fitness level and target distance/finish time.  You will reduce your risk of injury and become a faster and more efficient runner.

Your strength & conditioning journey along with a personal, periodised plan will take you to the start line or simply help you with the 'get up & go' while feeling mentally and physically awesome.


  • Using activity tracking applications such as Strava, and Garmin to name a few, I will monitor your training outside of sessions and adjust training in accordance​

  • You will have an online portal, keeping everything in one place 


Théa is a former elite athlete (gymnast) who began at the age of 5.  She later competed in track athletics and is now a very keen trail runner.  She’s a runner for her curiosity of adventure and worldwide exploration, love of being in nature, and for immense fitness and mental benefits it brings which allows the opportunity to try new activities spontaneously and confidently.  She practices what she preaches with strength training to maintain a resilient body, takes part in races and understands the importance of rest and exercise for mental well-being.  

Fitness with a holistic approach:

In addition to the scientifically proven physical training techniques, Théa will teach you mental strategies for a better lifestyle through running and to have a good balance between your busy working schedule and home life.  If competing, you will learn event preparation strategies and psychological skills to help you perform well.  Théa's ongoing education in sport science, women's health and nutrition allows her to give you more than just physical training.

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